Testimonial from Deborah Maguire, Co. Cork

The Mallow College of Design and Tailoring should really be called the Mary Cashman College. I went through the doors of the college in 1995 – another stay at home mother looking for a hobby! I had no experience at all, apart from a love of fashion. I left 3 years later – a qualified fashion designer and winner of the prestigious City and Guilds Medal of Excellence. The journey in between was inspirational .. a physical sense of a door opening into a whole world of creativity. I chose to go for it! And that’s what I did! The highlight for me, was seeing my designs on the catwalk-even now , 16 years later, nothing beats that feeling. I went on to set up Ireland’s first mail order children’s wear label and won a few awards along the way. .. but I could not have done it without Mary. Mary Cashman doesn’t believe in “No ,I Can’t”. Instead she rolls up her sleeves and says determinedly “Yes, you can!”…and she was saying it long before Barack Obama!! I would say to anyone who is contemplating fashion and design as a qualification- take the journey to Mallow College of Design and Tailoring, and Mary Cashman will take you wherever you choose to go…it’s your journey after all!

Deborah Maguire, Yellow House – Woodpark, Kilnap, Co. Cork.